• 22Jun
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    I’ve arrived in Singapore. After the longest airport delay ever I finally arrived at 5:30 am. I was supposed to arrive at 2am. It was a strange experience, we started to “board”, which in China usually means that you walk out onto the tarmac board a bus and drive over to the plane and board the plane via stairs. So we (the second bus load) got down to the bus and stood there for 20 minutes plus, not moving. Then we were told to go back into the airport and wait. But by the time we get into the airport they decide we need to turn back around an get on the bus. The whole time the first bus load is just chilling on the plane. So after the 3 hour delay I landed in Singapore and was off with A Pei and Victoria!

    I dropped things off at the hotel and off to breakfast. No time to sleep thanks to the delay!


    An Indian (dot not the feather) flat bread with a masala sauce. Plus an iced tea.

    Then check this out Mom, a huge library! The whole building is a library (or library related things).


    Not sure what’s up next but I’ll keep you posted!


  • 03Jun

    One of the many things I love about living in China is that I’m finally not seen as short. The counters here are at my height (and sometimes even too low), doorways are shorter, door handles are lower, the peep hole is lower, and the people are shorter! Here’s some fun pictures to show what I mean.


    Maybe the fires are shorter here too?


    A little bit of a height difference….

    3 more weeks till I come home!


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