• 31Jul
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    Hey friends!

    Sorry for the long delay. We’ve been working on our summer camps! A team from Hawaii (plus one from Canada and one from Australia) come down here to teach 2-one week long English camps.

    Our first week was for our high school aged students. We had a great turn out of 20 students! What a great week to develop relationships and teach the kids some more English. This group had really great English already so it was fun to help them develop a larger vocabulary. Plus we taught through using the stories of Esther, David and Jonathan, Ruth, and the prodigal son. It provided topics of courage, loyalty, friendship, love and forgiveness. What a fun way to teach!

    This week we are with our 10 and up group. So far the turn out is around 10 students. The English level is really low, but the kids seem to be having fun!

    Here’s a shot of our first week kids and teachers!


    Hopefully I have more time to post in the near future!


  • 10Jul

    The big event of the summer was my brother’s wedding. I was able to come home to the States again this year, but this time to celebrate Robert’s wedding.

    I returned home to the States on a Monday, Tuesday went shopping for dresses and Wednesday packed for our trip on Thursday to Jacksonville. Friday through Tuesday Robert, Allison, my folks and Allison’s folks prepared stuff for the wedding. What did I do?

    I got to get my hands dirty and help my brother finish his outdoor project of adding a gazebo like area in his backyard. He had started it back in November but never quite had the opportunity to finish it. He had the structure up but the pavers (or giant cement tiles) still needed to be laid. So as a wedding gift I bought a mallet and some plastic edgers to border the tiled area and got to work! 5 days, 12 bottles of water, 2 bottles of Gatorade and countless liters of sweat later, I finished! Happy wedding Robert and Allison!!


    While it wasn’t on my list of things to do when I got back to the States, it still was great to get to use my hands again and build something.

    On my list of things to do was: have some Taco Bell (first meal back), have some BBQ (so far I’ve eaten at 3 different places), and watch a baseball game (had to settle for AA, but at least it was baseball). Still on my list is eating some hot wings!

    Up next some wedding shots, but I’ll need to upload them from my real camera!


  • 08Jul

    Well I consider my trip to Singapore a huge success. I really enjoyed my time there, especially getting to see Victoria, Pei, Andy and the rest of the crew down there. They really did a great job of being tour guides and also making it a great trip. While the country of Singapore is not that big, I was able to see just about everything in 2 days and 1 night stay there!

    My favorite touristy thing was going to this giant hotel with what looks like a ship on top of it. The hotel itself was very deluxe and had a casino (that I didn’t visit) in it.


    But the best thing was the infinity pool that was on the roof level! Up to the 57th floor you can swim and have a beautiful view of the Singapore skyline. Absolutely breath taking from up there. If I had brought my swimsuit I just might have stayed the whole trip up there.


    Singapore definitely felt like a place where I could see myself really liking living there. They speak a combination of English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and some other stuff, but you can go just about anywhere and speak either English or Mandarin. So it was very easy for me to communicate!

    We visited Chinatown, Little Arab, and Little India. It was really amazing how multicultural the city was. There were a lot of people from India, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Malaysia and various western countries. The most interesting experience culturally came when we were in little India. While we were walking around (for over 40 minutes) I saw thousands of people on the streets, a points the sidewalks were packed and the parks were packed. But despite all of these people I counted 5, yes 5, women! I am going to say that we saw over 10,000 people of which no more than 10 were women! It was really weird.


    Just as many people I am sure have already heard, the food in Singapore is amazing. The great part is that it is surprisingly affordable too! There seemed to be several of these food court like places that you could order just about any dish for less than 5 Sing dollars. That meant that we could always order several different dishes and I could try a lot of different things in my limited number of meals. Here are some pics of the great stuff I ate.


    Rat noodles. No rat in it, just the noodles look like rat tails!


    Chicken rice, satay, sting ray (my favorite dish that I had on the trip), noodles and other stuff I can’t remember.


    Soy bean pudding. Sounds gross but surprisingly tasty and refreshing on a hot day.



    Yeah um gross. Imagine bland angel hair pasta with a pile of orange colored sugar and a pile of coconut. I think my face says it all. Yuck.


    Best meal of the night. It was a taste of all the classic Singaporean foods. My favorite was the chili crab.


    Soursop. No clue what that is but it sure makes a great drink!


    Frog legs on rice. Really does taste like chicken.


    This was the worst thing ever. It’s Hawaiian ice type thing with red beans AND canned cream corn. Gross. Corn is not a dessert topping. Especially on top of shaved ice. Gross.


    Best dessert ever. The guy cuts you a block of ice cream (where corn flavor is an option. Gross. I got chocolate chip a REAL flavor) and then surrounds it with two thin wafer like things so you can hold your ice cream block and not get sticky. Yum.

    That’s my food experience in Singapore!

    All in all Singapore is amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get an “Asian experience” while still wanting Western comforts and a place that speaks English.

    Thanks Vic and Pei for your amazing hospitality! I hope to be back soon!



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