• 27Aug

    Whew what a month (I guess and a few weeks).

    As soon as I got back from my brothers wedding it’s been go go go and then some more go!

    First I celebrated my birthday by my good friends taking me to a lake. It was beautiful there, but too bad it rained or was gloomy weather the whole time. My friends knew someone who knew someone who hooked us up with a hotel room right on the lake.

    Here’s a view from the window!


    Lots of people went out in the lake and were “floating” in the water. It’s a really deep lake so what they do is give everyone a life jacket and take them out on a boat so that they look like sitting ducks.

    We didn’t go swimming but we did go hiking. Look I’m going to jump!


    At the top there was some pretty good views!


    There were also some really cool trees. Look how these two trees found each other and are now connected!


    After my birthday celebration it was back to work. We were blessed to have a team from Hawaii come here to teach English Camps.

    I wrote a quick post earlier about our high school group. It was so much fun to see the students and teachers connecting. So many of our students even bought the teachers going away presents!

    The following week we had about 10 elementary school kids come for their week of learning. I heard from one parent that when she asked how camp was, her son, who would normally give the typical “fine” response, went on and on and on about it. So I’m guessing that it means the team did a really great job in making English fun.

    One member of the Hawaii team come to volunteer his services in handyman work. So we gave him a big task of making a desk and some room dividers. He quickly learned how much he missed Hone Depot, but was able to work through it! He did an amazing job too!


    Right now I’m up to my ears in paperwork! We’re in the process of buying a business. We just finished writing a 30 page document, in English and Chinese. Whew it’s a lot of work! Forms for this forms for that! Luckily I have an amazing team working with me. We have officially registered our company name and hopefully in not the too distant future we will have everything officially transferred over. Please keep that in your prayers.

    I cant help it but I found myself really missing my Dodgers. It’s so exciting to have owners willing to put money out there to win! It’s crazy to think how a few years ago my dad noticed that there was barely anyone in the stands with a current player’s jersey, but now it would be really tough to choose. Go Dodgers! I really need to find a field to play ball. I guess some people to play with would be good too….


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