• 06Sep

    The little one is off to 1st grade! Here’s a shot of the kids at her school! It was funny to look out into the crowd and ONLY see little dark haired kids! So different from the hodgepodge that you’d see in an American school.


    Just a few kids!

    All you teachers out there how about this schedule.

    7:30-11:30 class
    11:30-2:30 lunch break
    2:30-5:10 class

    On short days (twice a week)
    7:30-10:30 class
    10:30-2:30 lunch
    2:30-4:10 class

    Now flip it around to parents. There is no lunch service and the kids here aren’t used to cold meals (meaning they don’t bring lunch) and what 6 year old can entertain themselves for 3-4 hours without adult supervision! So that means that we are now spending most of our day taking her to and from school. Luckily we’ve divided it up so I’m in charge of lunch time and her parents are in charge or morning and after school pick up so it’s manageable, but it’s still so crazy!


    Here’s her classroom! Let the learning begin!


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