• 08Oct

    The other week I took and adventure up to ShangHai. In the past I had only ever been to the airport and never anything more. I never had any interest in the city, that is until my dad was called there for work!

    He was in town for a week so I knew I HAD to see him on his first trip over. It is so cool how Gd works. I thought that there would never be anyway that my parents or family would ever come over here to see China. I knew that China in general had little appeal to my family and I’m sure that my stories don’t really help to encourage anyone to come, so I never made any expectations or hopes for any visitors. My parents always said that me getting to come home for Christmas was a much better deal than having to go over there to see me. I agree. A lot of the families that are over here don’t or can’t go home for Christmas. To some, they are married with kids, so it can get costly to go home plus they have the advantage that their family is there WITH them. For others, they come from a small family where Christmas is nothing exciting or special. No Christmas trees decorations or any of that fun stuff, so to them celebrating it here is just as good. And still for other friends here, they have made “new family” here and would rather spend it here with their closest friends. For me, I love getting to see my family on Christmas Day! So I’d much rather come home too. That time is too precious to me. So back to the point…. With me coming home for Christmas there was really no chance for my folks to head out this way! But now that my dad should be making multiple trips a year out here, they’re starting to talk of not just going to Shanghai but maybe even coming down south to where I am! So cool!

    Anyway, had a great few days with my dad. I was really proud of him. I was worried that the differences would drive my dad crazy but he was really accepting. He said he wasn’t quite used to the crazy driving and that he had several eventful rides. But he also did things like try duck tongue and walk around town. It was a short time, but really good to see a face from home over on this side of the world!


    Here we are at the Bund with the classic Shanghai skyline in the background.


    We visited this building that had a “miniature” model of the inner city of Shanghai. It was huge! It’s crazy how many buildings make up this city and how many people live there.

    Fun times!



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