• 14Oct

    WeiWei celebrated her 7th birthday the other day. It started off kinda rough though. Her birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we were excited that we could spend the whole day playing but her school had a make up day scheduled.

    But in China it’s funny, when there is a pending holiday coming up like 4th of July or Columbus Day, and you’ll get a day or a week of vacation, at the schools they try to make up as much of the missed time as possible by adding classes on Saturdays and Sundays! So you get that holiday day off but you sacrifice some other day for it.

    This birthday was going to be WeiWei’s first birthday party. In China it’s mostly the old people who celebrate birthdays. More like a “congratulations you’re still alive” party instead of a “it’s your special day” party. It was also going to be the first time for her sisters and parents to see a “Western” style birthday party. There were balloons, presents and cake. All things that the young generation is starting to embrace but its just starting to trend. WeiWei’s older sisters used to receive a red egg on their birthday when her parents remembered that it was their birthday.

    With my dad coming into town a few weeks ago, that meant there was a bunch of princess stuff to wrap for gifts along with things that others brought. She had quite the pile.


    When it was time to open them she proclaimed in a very attitude filled voice, “which one am I supposed to open?” We informed her that they were all hers and she could pick. To which she replied, “how am I supposed to know what’s inside them?” Every gift was a seemingly hassle to open and if there was a box under the paper she’d state, “aww another box….” Such a funny kid.


    See what I mean! Haha.

    She was good about giving a kiss and saying thank you to everyone who gave her something. Here she is with her cute new hat.


    When it was time to blow out the candles she was working hard to try to find someone else to do it for her. It was going to be hard work! Luckily we were able to persuade her to do it herself.


    Funny kid, fun day! The only problem is: have I created an expectation now? What will next year need to be like? Hehe. All I know is that maybe we’ve created an attitude monster!



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