• 15Oct

    Jet lag was kinda nice for day one. Coming from China to Rome means that everything is 4 hours earlier. So the first night I went to bed at a reasonable hour of 10pm and woke up refreshed at 6am. This is what it must be like to be a morning person! I see the perks. We were out the door by 7:30 and on to see things.

    My morning view out the hotel window.


    We began to just walk and see where we ended up. Here’s some of the sites, I can’t tell you their names because we weren’t on a tour but I’m sure that a lot of them are famous!


    Arch dome building place.


    Now I know that Italians like gelato but this flavor looks kinda gross.


    Broken building park area


    I call this: Light at the End of the Hallway.


    “Are you not entertained? Is this not what you came here to see?”
    I was bummed there were no fights scheduled for today. But it looks like they’re working on restoring it, so maybe next time.


    The “Not so famous but frequently photographed because its next to the Colosseum so it must be important” place.


    Throw your money over your shoulder fountain.

    Here’s some stuff that I was writing while enjoying my time at the Trevi Fountain.


    He looks like one of those cherubs. There’s something about these cherub’s eyes. This intense look. I’m not sure if its because I’m always looking for gentle eyes amid the plush face and wavy hair, but cherubs always have these mature eyes. As I sit staring at this fountain my eyes can’t seem to see much besides this character and his eyes.

    What a strange place. This fountain at the back of someone’s house, that millions if not billions annually come to see. Maybe it makes those people with fountains in their front yards not seem so bad. Maybe it’s a good ploy to get people to start throwing money at your house.

    What is it that makes these places landmarks? Is it because they’re old? Is it because they’re unique or is it the story and the history? Ever wonder what people will be looking at in 100 years, 500 years or even 1,000 years from now? How many curators will be taking tours around the great arena of Dodger Stadium? Telling of the “giants” slain on the field…

    Today at the colosseum we learned that it mostly looks the way it does today because it became obsolete and so they took all the good stuff and used it to build other things. Historians and visitors wish that it had been seen as a great monument then as we do now. If only it still had all the white stone and marble covering the facade. Ever wonder what potential national treasures we are destroying now?

    I spent most of time at places people watching. It’s fun to see different fashion, hear different languages and see different culture. Some of the best stuff to watch is some people’s complete disregard for other people. Standing in front of people, pushing people aside, walking through pictures or walking into you. Sure a lot of it might be cultured based but it doesn’t make it any less fun to watch.

    That’s day one in a nutshell. Off to the Vatican tomorrow.


  • 15Oct

    So I guess I need to change the name of my blog to “Luplup goes to see the world” or something like that. What a crazy journey that God has put me on. In high school, and even college, you see your travel hungry classmates just waiting for a break so that they can go backpacking across Europe, surf in Puerto Rico, walk the Great Wall, etc… I was the kid that was always saying “why would you want to do that?” I believe that at one point I even told my good friend that I would never work abroad. And yet here I am, living in China, having visited more foreign countries and cities in the last few years than I ever had in my other years as an adult. So where’s the kid who doesn’t like to travel headed off to now… She’s about to add Rome and Prague to the list.

    My good friend and I are off to fulfill his late wife’s last wish and light a candle for her at St. Peter’s Cathedral. After doing that we’re off to his hometown so that he can see his home country again.

    And now I’d like to add that while I don’t like traveling, this trip has put a new perspective on traveling. You really haven’t traveled until you’ve been given the opportunity to sit in the REAL seats on the plane, you know the ones in the front. You hardly even notice you’re on a plane until some turbulence comes around or until you need to go to the bathroom (off topic but I find it odd that with everything else being so much better up in the front, why is the bathroom not better? Sure, it’s less crowded, instead of waiting in a line of six, there are only six other people who would use THAT bathroom, but still, not even a little upgrade in there?).

    So for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity yet, what are the perks?

    -drinks in a glass, not just a small dumb plastic cup
    -a center console to put your drinks and various other materials on it so that you don’t always have to have your tray table down.
    -a seat that’s pretty much a recliner that you see at Brokstone minus the massage features
    -fancy meals: having to choose between abalone or lamb or veal or cod
    -ice cream for dessert
    -good snacks for whenever like fresh fruit, Oreos, chocolates, or even ramen noodles.
    -no carts rolling by hitting your elbows, everything is hand carried out
    -a comforter as a blanket not just a piece of fabric
    -a good sized pillow that doesn’t make crunching noises
    -slippers, sleeping clothes (yes a full set, button up top and bottoms) and a vanity kit
    -complementary noise canceling head phones to use for the flight
    -not having to wait in long lines: security, the check in counter and the boarding area all have their own line
    -getting to hang out in the lounge during layovers or before your flight, making that extra time so much less annoying. Free food, drink, wifi and comfy chairs rock.
    -good transport from the plane to the baggage claim area. (In the States this means nothing, but here in China they often make their own gates out in the middle of nowhere. So you have to disembark the plane and then cram onto a bus to take you to the terminal. It’s really lame to be smashed in the back of a plane for x number of hours get of for a few minutes just to be crammed standing up in a bus. The good seats qualify you to ride in a posh van that is only for the front people. No smashing, much faster, and no standing…)
    -your luggage comes out first!

    I’m not sure how many of these things are universal across all airlines or other flights, but it has been pretty much awesome. Basically it’s been fun to be that person that I’ve watched from a distance for so long. I’ve always thought it would be fun to try it and today I got to! So cool. I still kinda can’t believe it. Maybe I’ll stay on the plane and just skip the Rome and Prague parts. Hehe.

    Here’s some fun pics!


    Fancy pod chairs!


    Chair control!


    My “mouth amuser”. It was quite tasty.


    Artsy pic of my glass.

    More to come from the actual trip!



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