• 16Oct

    Visiting the Vatican City today was an interesting journey in more than just one way.

    Firstly, it was strange to see so many secular statues of Roman leaders and Roman gods. There was even an animal room. I guess I would have expected those things to be in a different museum, and not in the Vatican. But what do I know. I guess they needed to fill the halls with something. Mostly the Vatican City was like a Disney que trying to space out the tens of thousands of people trying to see the Sistine chapel. We were on an actual three hour tour, yes a three hour tour! After all the corridors and halls we spent all of 15 minutes in the actual Sistine chapel. It was incredible but not really a great experience. It was way too crowded, it’s really hard to get a good look at it because its all really high (with the exception of the Final Judgement) and while in the front part you can’t even take pictures. You could easily spend a full day in there looking at the millions of details that are in each section of everything. It would be awesome to rent out jet packs or hover machines so you could get up and close with it to really see it. But instead you get a neck ache and move on. The more impressive sight was St. Peter’s cathedral. That thing is massive. (Yes it’s the biggest, but there were these little angels on the wall that look all figurine-like compared to the massive columns that they’re mounted on, but then the tour guide tells you that those “little guys” are 2 meters tall!). The most impressive thing were the mosaics that were in the cathedral. They were created to duplicate famous paintings. They are of huge size and with so much detail that you can’t even tell that it’s a mosaic and not a painting.

    So while I was on my three hour tour, my friend took a fateful trip. He lasted a whole 14 minutes on the tour before he got lost. These tours here are pretty smart they hand out these walkie talkie receivers with headphones so everyone can hear the tour guide without forcing the tour guide to yell. Apparently my friend spent way too much time in one room and couldn’t hear the tour leader, thought his batteries ran out so he panicked and went backwards and lost the group. When I realized that he wasn’t with us I went back down the hall, but apparently he had already frantically went back somewhere else. So there was no choice for me but to run down the hall one more time for another search and then catch back up with the group. Three hours later I am leaving the cathedral area and lo and behold I hear my name called out and there he is. At least he had good enough sense to figure out where the last stop on the tour was and where everyone was going to have to exit so he waited there.

    All in all I saw a lot of paintings, saw even more statues, saw a lot of Jesus, saw even more of Peter, experienced the Sistine chapel, saw where all the Catholic church’s money went at one point (that cathedral was not cheap to build! Or furnish!), and for the most point enjoyed it all.

    Here’s some photos from today!


    Discus anyone?


    Hmm let me think about it….


    Mary did you know?


    The great work and me! It’s funny to have such a strict area where no photos are allowed (I watched the security guy yell at someone and make them delete all photos from there!) and then a free area in the back where all kinds of photos can be taken. Maybe it keeps the line moving? Side note: it’s not much of a chapel in there. More like a decorated room. Doesn’t look like it will be handles any weddings anytime soon.


    St. Pete’s Place


    The hallway to the pope!


    Here’s an example of the mosaics I was talking about.


    The Pantheon. Definitely out of place in this quaint little Italian style housing district. It’s like something from the wizard of oz, a tornado hit Greece and this giant building landed in the middle of modern Rome.

    Lots of walking today but I got to see some more great sites!

    Candle lighting time tomorrow.



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