• 17Oct

    Today I went to a different cathedral hoping to light a candle for my friend’s wife. St. Pete’s didn’t have any candles or candle like things. Today we went to Santa Maria something something cathedral. There you could put money into the candle box and then it was like something you’d see at the fair. Atop the box was about 20 electric candles and after your money went in one would blink several times so you knew which one was yours and then it stayed lit. All very strange. These churches sure made sure that if you wanted to donate that it wouldn’t be an inconvenience to you. They were almost every 15 feet! So we asked where we might be able to light real candles and we got a lecture about how real candles would be a hazard to these churches, after our lecture we were told of a little church just down the street. Success! Real candles! Of course for a cost, but just 0.35 euros each. He lit the candle said a prayer and we completed out quest.

    Next we journeyed over to the Spanish steps. I thought that I was in Italy but I guess these steps were imports or something. They are supposedly famous so here is a pic of me with them!


    Rome has been nice. It seems like one of those places that you could keep coming back to and still find new things to see.

    Strange enough though Luplup wants to go back to China. If not for anything but to at least restore meaning to my website. LupLup doesn’t belong in Italy but rather China! I’m ready to be able to fully communicate again, but I need to make another stop before I get to go back.

    Off to Prague!

    Meanwhile, enjoy, through proxy, the food of Rome.


    Breakfast or dessert, why not dessert for breakfast. Some type of chocolate pastry I had my first morning here.


    I tried my best to go with the more rare authentic Italian meals. Here is gnocchi, a potato dumpling dish.


    Thanks TopChef tv show for helping me to know more Italian food than just pizza and spaghetti! Here is a seafood risotto. It was really tasty.


    Alright so I had to try a REAL pizza. The dough was really good. There was nothing special as far as flavor, but it was still really good!


    An eggplant Parmesan. I enjoyed the breading. It was more like a fish fry batter. Good flavor.


    Calamari with some type of noodle that I don’t know how to spell. It was an egg flat noodle. The sauce was a butter lemon sauce. Quite tasty.


    Lasagna. Not the prettiest dish. But really good! It just might have been the best thing I had. Save the best for last right?

    Oh and of course…


    Gelato. The light brown flavor was good. I have no idea what flavor it was but it was a creamy nutish chocolatish wafer like flavor.

    Fun food! Definitely not Chinese!

    More from Prague.



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