• 18Oct

    A few hour flight and I feel like I’ve gone a thousand plus years on the time machine. From Ancient Rome to bohemian Prague. What a difference. The churches got pointier, the statues have color, and the people now speak a language that I can’t even begin to figure out.


    I’m still trying to find the church to go with steeple. Maybe then when I open the doors I’ll see all the people.

    My first impressions of Prague is that it reminds me a lot of Paris. I guess the architecture designs come from about the same eras so it makes sense. But with the river running through Prague and the bridges plus all the elaborate gothic churches, it’s a better comparison to Paris than it is to Rome.

    The hotel here is amazing. I’ll post pictures of the view when there is better light. But I just watched tv while brushing my hair and teeth, AT THE SINK. I was thoroughly entertained by the B2K boys followed by Lauren Hill music videos haha! Old school!

    Tonight I had some deer meat and potato dumplings. Ate every bite of it!


    We watched the famous clock show. It’s cute but I’m glad I only waited 10 minutes for it. The cool part was trying to figure out the lower part of the clock.


    Not sure anyone knows what time it is.

    Here’s a picture of me with the Czech White House in the background.


    Tomorrow we are off to my friend’s hometown. Hopefully we can make contact with some of his family.



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