• 28Jan

    Look my dad could be famous in China. This a billboard I saw walking down the street here in Wenshan.

    They aren’t twins but it sure is close!


    I wish it came out clearer but you get the idea!


  • 25Jan

    This past week I’ve been going around town trying to find a suitable office for my (and my two partners) new company.

    We’ve officially registered The Starting Line Information Consulting Company!

    Our hope is to be able to make money from Chinese people to take that and support local groups and organizations who are supporting their community.

    It came from the idea that running the therapy center is not free and there is no income. So we needed to find a way to support the therapy center through ways other than just relying on donations.

    So our company plans to consult children, adults, and businesses on English through things like summer camps, weekday and weekend classes, and custom visits to companies. We are hoping to eventually being able to expand into helping businesses with team building and also teaching locals new skills!

    We are really excited about the possibilities! But we need a place first!

    So oh to have all this extra cash just walking around to buy these amazing spaces that we’ve seen! We’re trying to figure out which one is going to best suit our needs so please help us pray that we can find it!

    Off to the village next week for Chinese New Year! Can’t wait to see what this year brings!



  • 18Jan

    It’s cold! Well it at least feels cold.

    I made the journey back to China and finally arrived in Wenshan a few days ago. And these concrete building for some reason just don’t insulated quite like insulated walls…. Hmm. So when it’s 30 degrees outside its about 40 inside. Good thing you don’t have to be fashionable while inside because I basically put on as much clothes as I can. And now I understand in all the old shows when people are wearing night caps! I wear a beanie to bed to help keep some of my heat in. A lot of people use space heaters but I’ve found that unless you’re right next to it there is no effect. So instead I drink lots of warm drinks like tea to help warm me from the inside out.

    In a few weeks it’ll be Chinese New Year again. This year I’ll be headed back out to the village that I always go to. I don’t think there will be any animal killing this year (sorry to disappoint) but you never know what other adventures will come!

    For now help think warm thoughts for me!

    Here’s a picture of the city of Wenshan from the 31st floor of a building I was at!



  • 07Jan

    Hello faithful readers and new readers!

    I presented yesterday at Sunny Hills but there was supposed to be a short video with two kids learning to walk. I decided to upload the full recap video of 2012 in the therapy center.

    The beginning of the video is our afternoon physical therapy center an the later half is our morning sessions with our special education classes.

    Sorry for all the Chinese but this was the video I made for them to use at their annual party. The gist of the words is simply listing all the things that we were thankful for (their anniversary celebration falls on Thanksgiving every year).

    Here’s the link to the video. You can only get to it via link so don’t try searching for it.

    2012 Therapy Center Video Link

    I’m headed back to China tomorrow. I had a great time in the States celebrating Christmas and New Years!

    I’m excited for the next year of posts.

    Happy watching!



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