• This past week I’ve been going around town trying to find a suitable office for my (and my two partners) new company.

    We’ve officially registered The Starting Line Information Consulting Company!

    Our hope is to be able to make money from Chinese people to take that and support local groups and organizations who are supporting their community.

    It came from the idea that running the therapy center is not free and there is no income. So we needed to find a way to support the therapy center through ways other than just relying on donations.

    So our company plans to consult children, adults, and businesses on English through things like summer camps, weekday and weekend classes, and custom visits to companies. We are hoping to eventually being able to expand into helping businesses with team building and also teaching locals new skills!

    We are really excited about the possibilities! But we need a place first!

    So oh to have all this extra cash just walking around to buy these amazing spaces that we’ve seen! We’re trying to figure out which one is going to best suit our needs so please help us pray that we can find it!

    Off to the village next week for Chinese New Year! Can’t wait to see what this year brings!



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