• So walking along the road I come to a construction site for putting a new layer of concrete on a bridge.

    Here’s the site:


    The fun part came where watching how they were doing it.

    For starters there were at least 25 people on site. One cement mixer which poured out 2 wheelbarrows full every 2 minutes or so.

    But of the 25 workers there were about 12 actual workers. 4 adding rocks and cement mix. 1 operating the cement mixer. 4 on wheelbarrow duty. 2 hoeing the dumped cement. And 1 on tamping and smoothing.

    The other 13? On fire duty. Someone has to absorb the warmth coming from the fire.

    How do these guys make sure it’s level? Um. Level? You’re supposed to do that?

    Then there is the wheelbarrow guys trying to make things harder by creating a larger area of poured cement, then having to drive the wheelbarrow OVER the newly poured cement so that it could get to the places in the middle that didn’t have enough. Nothing like making it harder on yourself. But maybe that’s how you get to join the fire group faster?

    Common sense did not flow from this worksite. I wish I had videoed it. Instead I was surprisingly entertained for 15 minutes by watching a demonstration on “How to make a cement bridge the wrong and hard way”.

    Oh I love this place!


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