• 30Mar
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    Wow it’s been busy!

    In January, I wrote about finally registering a company. Since getting back from Chinese New Year it’s been go, go, go to try to get everything else set up.

    First thing we have been trying to do is find an office space. It’s a little harder than it sounds. As with any business it’s location, location, location. Then the added complication of deciding that it would be better to purchase the property instead of renting! We have heard from too many local businesses that landlords like to secretly (or even not so secretly) watch to see how you remodel their space and how well your business is doing to determine your rent for the next contract. A long contract here is 5 years. So essentially every 5 years you run the risk of being price gouged for having a successful business. Or at times the landlord will simply just sell the property leaving you out to dry. So we decided a great solution was so find an investor willing to be our venture capitalist.

    It’s great to report that this past week our proposal has been accepted by an investor! Yay!

    Now we are working out the final details of acquiring the property that we want. We are trying to get a fair price and as soon as we do we can move forward with remodeling.

    Our second piece of news is that The Starting Line has acquired a website (still under heavy construction)!

    I am proud to introduce:

    SLICC or www.startingline.org

    Thirdly, I just bought over 300 books for our language center. They vary from books on how to teach English to classic literature in English to children’s books.

    It’s really starting to feel like a real company!

    Next step is getting business cards!

    More updates surely to follow!


  • 27Mar

    So now we discover the origin of Santa Long Legs…. Why someone still thought it was a good idea to import this product into the States is still beyond me.


    (Santa Long Legs is a 99ยข store product of Marshmallows, made in China. Yes, marshmallows made in China. How it is cheaper to import sugar candy from China, I don’t know. But it’s now very very funny to see that I can find them here too!)


  • 04Mar
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    Hmm well that’s one way to do it….

    So the other fridge says that you shouldn’t carry it behind you, but what about on top of you?


    Next time you want to move your fridge you can try it this way…



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