• 25May
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    The Starting Line now has a building. But the building in itself, needs a lot to get started!

    It’s 400m2 of bare concrete. A designer’s dream. Good thing we have people to help with that, it’s sure not my expertise. The plan is to have 3 classrooms, an office, a library, a multimedia room and a kitchen.

    I spent all day yesterday looking at tiles, hardwood flooring and front doors. It’s times like this that I miss America. There’s no Home Depot or Lowe’s to shop at here so instead you have to walk in circles comparing all of these prices. The worst part is having to bargain in every shop to find out the REAL price.

    Of course once I found a door and we went back to measure the opening that we have, they didn’t match up. So now I have to organize someone to come fill a half a meter of bricks so that we can instal the door. No one else is willing to work inside until we have a door!

    Our hope is to have walls, ceiling, flooring and bathroom all in before July 1st!

    So far we have a bathroom wall!


    Many updates to come soon! I already have more posts set to roll out!



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