• 07Jun
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    The other day I got to work off a bunch of stress at the local “Water world”. I went there with a friend and her three boys. What a great time! It was around 3 when we got there so there were about 5 total other people in the whole place. It was a very large hotel style pool of only 3 feet deep, a lap area that was 6 feet deep, and a play area with playground sets in it of about 1 foot deep water.

    I had fun chasing the boys around and just floating around in the water. Here’s on of the boys!



  • 05Jun
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    It’s official. We have a space. A lockable space. A secure? space.

    What I’m trying to say is that we have a front door!!



    It might not look like a big step but its huge. Other workers weren’t willing to do their work until they could be sure their supplies and work would be secure after hours.

    So onward!!!



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